5 Amazing Products that will SAVE you as a Mom

Hey Mama! I am over the moon that you have stopped by here today to check out this blog post! You have no idea how much it means to me that you came to visit. I almost can’t believe that this has been published and we have this space to connect on. It’s been a slow work-in-progress.

Blogging has been in the back of my head for years. Literally, years. I was so held back by my own negative self-talk and insecurities. All the “I’m not a good writer…I have nothing to say….who would read it?” blah blah blahs would always pop up whenever the idea came back to the forefront. Throw kids, work and life into the mix and the blogging idea always took the back seat.

Well now look at us. Here we are. I had some branding created (thank you Shayla at A Way with Words Web Design), I’ve created this domain space, the Newsletter that likely led you here and now this blog post itself! I hope you genuinely enjoy my content and that you take something away with you when you leave. Be it something you can use in your own life to make a task easier or to help you attain one of your goals or even just a pretty little smile.

With that being said, I am excited to share with you the top five products that saved me as a Mom. These have been SO essential for me when it comes to feeding, sleeping and breathing…seriously. All of these products I have never used prior to Mommyhood but thank goodness they were brought into my life one way or another.

#1. A Sleep Machine

Hands DOWN this was the biggest game changer for me. It wasn’t until I had my daughter and was visiting at a relative’s house when I realized I desperatly needed one for the baby. The house we were at had crickety floors and a squeaky bed with every move. In fear of waking the baby that I had just spent the last 45 mins getting to sleep, I downloaded an app on my phone that allowed the peaceful sound of rain. I never looked back and still use it every single day. It provides a consistent and steady audio of rain (my personal preference) so that the other noise in the house (think adults talking, older kids playing, random bursts of laughter or your dog barking at anything with legs outside) gets drowned out and goes unheard, leaving your baby to sleep peacefully as he should.
Click here to see the one I use everyday!

#2. The hydraSense Nasal Aspirator

Never in my life had I imagined that I would be sucking the snot out of someone elses nose. It’s just not something that came to mind when I envisioned Mom Life before ACTUALLY being a Mom. However, since it is something that I learned needed to be done, this little, easy to use device has saved me and my children so many times from sleepless nights. From colds to allergies and small sinus passages my kids have suffered from them all. Boogie wipes helped to get any crusties off, but it was this handy little aspirator that did the trick clearing out the leaky faucet. Compared to others I have tried that weren’t as easy to use or very sanitary, this is a must have for every Mama. Here is the link to the exact aspirator that I use on the regular!

#3. Antilop Highchair from IKEA

I did BLW (Baby-Led Weaning) with both of my kids thanks to my sister in law who introduced me to the idea. If you don’t know what it is just yet, a quick Google search can fill you in, but for the most part, BLW is like your microwave dinner exploded in the microwave, only the mess was not contained by the microwave… This highchair and its simplicity made clean-up so easy! No cushions or small crevices for food to get trapped in. Although it’s white, it has never stained. From beet juice to spaghetti sauce and the tray is still so white and looking like new. I’ve used it for both of my kids, but Aria had a fancier one I got as a Baby-Shower gift at first. It had fabric cushions and too much strap that was hard to keep clean. It’s also very light weight and easy to move around the house if needed. It doesn’t take up much space and all and has room for your child to grow. Forget those highchairs that retails for hundreds of dollars….do yourself a favour and scoop up this simple chair and all its glory for under $30. Click here to purchase and treat yourself to easier mealtime cleanup!

#4. Breastmilk

This is not where I go into preaching about the benefits of breastfeeding for you or your baby. Those are already proven and don’t need me to be an advocate for it. I get that there are so many women out there who are physically unable to breastfeed. This is more directed to the women who can breastfeed but may think formula/bottle feeding will be easier. What is worth mentioning here if I’m being completely honest, is that my primary reason for choosing to breastfeed my babies was very selfish. I thought it would be easier and less work for ME than to bottle feed. I believe I was right.

 Getting accustomed to nursing is not for the faint of heart. I was shocked to the root of my core during that first week of nursing. My milk came in, my breasts were so full, hard as boulders and more painful than I ever thought they could be without getting breast implants! Nursing this sweet little innocent newborn felt like there were little piranha teeth ripping apart my nipples. They were raw, bloody and basically falling off…BUT, the silver lining you ask? Once I overcame that initial adjustment period…. nursing was kind of a breeze. I could feed my babies anywhere, anytime with only needing to pull out a now-healed nipple. The milk is always the perfect temperature and no cleanup or bottle prep required. It also has many other useful purposes that came in handy from time to time! I didn’t mind that I was the only one who could feed the baby on the daily…I pumped a backup supply for the rare instances when it was needed, so Daddy was able to feed here and there. For the most part though, baby wanted me, and that felt kind of nice. Here is the link to the breast pump used to gather my backup supply.

#5. Dry Shampoo
Did you ever think that one day you would come to realize that it’s been a week since you last shampooed your hair? And that the only reason you realized this was because you happened to catch a glimpse of your unrecognizable self in the mirror and your hair looked like the grease you use to cook dinner? Welcome to #Momlife lady. There once was a time in life where I had the luxury of showering by myself every.single.day and taking the extra time for my hair. So, in those early days as a new Mom when you’re literally a walking, barely talking Zombie and the last thing on your to-do list is shampooing your hair, I’d like to introduce you to Dry Shampoo. I used to use Batiste but more recently I’ve been testing out Primally Pure as it has all natural and organic ingredients! You’re welcome.

I hope you found at least one of these items to be a big game changer for you if not them all!

Please share in the comments any personal experience you may have with any of the items and pass along this post for a friend who could also benefit from any of them. In the end, don’t we all just want a little help?

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